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Appointments in person $60

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Email Tarot Readings $45

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Phone Reading $50

No need to travel to a Tarot Reading. Just pick up the phone. I would love to give you a Reading. Email me to make an appointment.

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Tarot Readings in Flemington NJ.

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Psychic Tarot Readings give you clarity on your issues. A reading with me will empower you to take control of your life by helping you to see the issues more clearly.

I use angel Tarot Cards because I have had a profound experience with an angel in the past and I like the energy of the angel Tarot cards. The Angel Tarot cards have the same meanings as the classic Tarot. Only the pictures are different.

Messages from your angels or Spirit guides may come through or a past life may come through during the reading.

My goal is to help you focus and to give you the confidence to decide which path to take.

Let me connect with your angels and help you with career, relationship, family issues, guidance or whatever you are troubled about. I will help you to make clearer decisions with my Tarot card readings and Angel Guidance.

We all have angels around us. They may change according to your needs.

Focus on your desires not your fears

Chakras and Aura Clearings

Are you an Empath? Do you pick up others negative energy?

Do you work in a negative environment?

Are you feeling unusually tired for no reason?

You may need a clearing.

Please call me or email me to make an appointment for your personal clearing. [email protected]

I will be happy to help you Clear negative energies

and Thought forms attached to your aura and blockages in your Chakras.


Flemington NJ.

Please Email to make an appointment so I can fit you in.

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Try this one-minute meditation:

Take a deep breath and relax.

See the floating clouds drifting in the blue sky. Remember when you experienced the fresh breeze tickling your cheeks and gently playing with your hair. See and hear the ocean waves rippling to the shore, and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze while soaking in the healing sun. Hear the birds full of life and motion.

Trust that the supreme power that created all these things, and much more, is a part of your Spiritual, inner mind -not your material conscious mind.

- As your faith increases, so will your own power to heal.

See Blog for more Angel Wisdom http://www.healingwithinu.org/blog.html

 Angel Guidance

Angels * Tarot *

God has given us all free will, so we can make our own choices that can change our destiny.

Some choices turn out the way we planned and some choices lead us down a different path.

Our angels cannot interfere with our choices because we have free will to do as we please. But they will help if you ask them for help. When you're not sure what to do next or feel confused, take the time to ask your Angels for help. They will help. Your angels may answer you in your dreams, or you may have an idea that your angels have inspired.