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1/2 hour Usui Reiki Healing Session: $50.00

1 full hour healing session: $100.00

Includes Aura and Chakra Cleansing

Email me to make an appointment.for a healing session.

Flemington New Jersey

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Reiki healing to all who visit this site.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that creates deep relaxation and reduces stress while stimulating the body's natural healing.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

If our life force energy is blocked by stress it can cause depression, lack of energy, or illness.

Reiki increases circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body and when our life force energy is flowing freely we feel more healthy, vibrant and happy.

Tension and long term stress can create blockages in this vital life force energy, and reduce circulation and glandular function, resulting in feeling listless and irritable. Blockages can lead to many health problems. Deep Relaxation and letting go of worry and negative thoughts allow the body to heal.

Many clients have shared with me that they have had miraculous healings. They have reported pain has left their body, long term insomnia has gone,

sores on the body have healed, worry and anxiety has vanished and so many more healings, emotional and physical.

Reiki heals the body, mind and spirit.

We can't make life stress-free but we can learn to relax in between the daily stress. Reiki is a wonderful way to relax and let go.


What to Expect:

You will lay on a Reiki table, fully clothed, except for your shoes. Wear comfortable clothes and relax.

Reiki sessions provide a total relaxing atmosphere using meditative music, aromatherapy and other methods of creating a soothing atmosphere. I also work with your energy field.

If I have a Buddhist client I ask for Buddha to bring healing and Kwan Yin the goddess who dedicated her life to being the expression of unconditional love, compassion and altruistic service to all.

Kwan Yin is considered to be the patron saint of Reiki Healing. Kwan Yin and Mother Mary have the same qualities of love, compassion, mercy and comfort. Both are Mother Goddesses dedicated to helping those who are sick or suffering mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Added to the relaxation part of healing is the Holy Spirit that is present. I pray for healing angels to send healing energy to heal you.

Some practitioners will not touch the body but they will hover a few inches above the body in the etheric field. It is believed that disease begins in the aura surrounding the body and many practitioners can feel or see the aura. I also treat the aura surrounding the body. This is called energy healing.

Working on the aura helps to heal the body.

Many of my clients have reported "Phantom hands" on different parts of their body. My hand may be on their knee or hovering over them, but they feel a hand touch their stomach. Reiki goes where it needs to go.

Some people cry during a session as a release of pent up emotions.

I have been offering Reiki healing sessions and teaching Reiki for over twenty years. I have had a profound and life changing experience with an angel which led me to call on angels and they are with me always during healings.

Thank You so much for visiting my site and may God send his heavenly Angels with Love and Compassion to all who read this.

Annette Labate R.M.T. Healer

Gift Certificates

PayPalHalf hour session


Aura and chakra is $55.

One hour $100

A gift Certificate for Reiki would make a

wonderful gift.

Give a gift of Reiki deep relaxation Healing to someone you love.

Someone you know will appreciate the chance to experience deep relaxation and heal.

You might want to treat yourself to a healing session.

Reiki can be for anytime. I will send you the Reiki Certificate in the mail so you can give it as a gift.

The person who receives the gift Certificate will call me for an appointment, and bring the certificate with them to the session.

Last minute Gift Certificates, no problem. Just call me.


Distance healing is available for a donation

PayPalSend donation and email me to receive a Distance Healing.

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Reiki Healing Sessions

with Compassionate Reiki Master Teacher

Bensalem, Pa.

Pay at your session

Healing Sessions are by appointment

email me to make an appointment

$90.00 1 hour session-includes Chakra and Aura clearing.

$50.00 1/2 hour