African Legend

Posted on 30 March, 2011 at 0:15

I would like to share this African legend I read about many years ago – Enjoy!
An old African chief needed to test the wisdom of a young man he had chosen to be his successor as tribal head. He asked the young man to prepare two meals for him.    The first meal was to contain the very best ingredients life had to offer. The second meal would contain the very worst.
On the appointed day, the chief sat down to his first meal which was a delicious plate of sliced cow tongue with vegetables. The chief was delighted with the food and, upon finishing the meal, asked the young man why he had chosen the tongue.
 “The tongue is one of the finest parts of our being,” the young man replied. “It can speak wonderful words of truth that can help our people grow and prosper. The right words can give them courage and bolster their integrity. Tongues can speak of love and harmony and hold our village together.”
 The chief was very impressed and waited for his second meal with eager anticipation. On the appointed day the chief sat down to eat his second meal and found it to be identical to the first. When he had finished, he asked the boy why he had prepared the same meal twice.
The young man answered, “The tongue can be the best part of us, but it can also be the worst.                      
The tongue can speak words of anger and discouragement that tear people down and rob them of hope. It can weave deceit; it can speak untruths that cause disharmony. The tongue, more than any other weapon, can destroy our village life.”
The old chief listened closely and slowly nodded his head. He knew he had chosen his next leader wisely.
Let this year be a year to make people feel good simply with the magic of your words!

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