A new year, a new you!

Posted on 8 January, 2020 at 13:59 Comments comments (0)
Dealing with stress.
Be aware of what you are playing over and over in your mind. If negative thoughts are always playing you will suffer the consequences in your body. 
Retrain your thoughts. Cancel the negative and replace with positive thoughts and images. 
The nature of the mind is to think and imagine constantly. feed it with positive thoughts. Let go of "what if's" or think What if tomorrow turns out to be a wonderful day.
What if I solve my problem? 
The flight- or-fight is triggered by your perception, not reality. 
Suppose you see a shadow in a corner and think someone is there ready to grab you. Your heart will race, your breath will quicken and you will break out in a sweat. But if you saw the shadow and knew it was a tall chair, your body will remain calm. Even movies with high tension can cause stress on your body.
If in your daily life you constantly perceive shadows, your body will respond by, gearing up physically for fight or flight. With imagery you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones and give your body a break from all the excess stress. 
Let 2020 be a wonderful positive year. Be aware of your thoughts and retrain your mind to think positive.