Healing Affirmations

Posted on 27 February, 2013 at 21:00

Every cell in my body vibrates with healthy energy.
I know if I keep loving thoughts in my mind, I will manifest   love in all areas of my life.

                  Loving vibrations will keep my body healthy.

                 I am peace, 
                 I am love, 
                 I am Healthy 
                 I am pure
                 I Am the Creator of my Destiny.
                I will keep my cells healthy by eliminating sugar and soda
                My body is the temple of my soul. I will eat nourishing foods
                from nature, to keep my body pure.

                My body has the ability to heal itself.
               In my mind I will think only positive thoughts

               I trust my body to heal.
               I make healthy choices for my body and my mind.
               I will learn what foods are good for me

               My cells have an innate healing intelligence