reading for this week-end

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Reading for this week-end. You should be finding that you have the knowledge, strength, and inspiration needed to meet your challenges. In general this is a very positive time for you. It is important to note though, that to make the very most of this time you will need to do your part. You must take action. If you do nothing you'll get nothing. Remember, you have the creative power and energy to create a new life cycle for yourself. You have the ability to take the power of the Universe and manifest your desires. Pull together all of the skills, resources and tools that are available to you in order to bring about an outcome that suits you. You must know what you really want.

Triple Treat

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A partial eclipse of the full snow moon and a comet - The exact moment of the penumbral eclipse is 7:43 p.m. ET (6:43 p.m. CT, 5:43 p.m. MT and 4:43 p.m. PT), NASA said.  The outer shadow of the Earth blocks part — but not all — of the sun's rays from reaching the moon, making it appear slightly darker than usual.

Look to the east around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, where the comet will be visible in the sky in the constellation Hercules. Binoculars or a telescope could be helpful. Watch for a bright blue-green "head" with a tail.
It will be visible in various points of the night sky until the end of February, according to NASA.

Angel of Abundance Reading

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Angel of abundance

Gifts of abundance and prosperity are flowing to you now  The Universe seeks to replenish, restore and create through you. Allow yourself to receive beyond what you thought is possible  by opening your heart with gratitude now. Let the blessings of good fortune from the angel of  Abundance flow easily into your life. It's not how much money you accumulate. Some people who won the lottery have lost it all with bad choices. Abundance is being able to pay all your bills with ease, feeling secure, and having the wisdom to manage your money wisely and stop self sabotaging behaviors.  We may need to grow for those blessings to manifest in our lives. We need good soil and room for roots to expand in order to grow a healthy plant. 
Our beliefs, openness, vitality and trust need to be big enough to receive the magnificence of the blessings.
A prayer
I now choose to release negative energy, negative beliefs, and negative memories connected with abundance, money, relationships, success and well being. I offer these for healing, and I ask angel of abundance to take these offerings and turn the heaviness into blessings. (Imagine a golden light entering your heart and expanding throughout your body with healing energy). Good fortune, abundance, and divine grace flow to me now. Thank you, angel of abundance.

Annette Labate R.M.T.
healing sessions, Chakra and Aura clearing

Love and Peace to All

Message from Archangel Raziel

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Archangel Raziel wants you to know that you have
more power, talent, and versatility than you realize.
Archangel Raziel says, the trick is to learn how to use
Your abilities in the best possible way.
You are being urged to combine your emotions
Creativity, finances abilities and mental
Ingenuity. You will soon get the chance to
Use them. Archangel Raziel wants you to have
faith in yourself. If you have any doubts about
your ability to manifest your dreams, leave them behind.
The more confidence you have, the more
Success you will manifest. Make note of all of
Your little successes. Keep site of your successes,
Not your failures. They are lessons. Learn
From them, without dwelling on them.
Spring is around the corner. Daylight will be longer.
It is an earthly blessing.

May you receive this blessing Of "walking In the light."
So that each facet of your life will be filled with
Warmth and illumination.
Archangel Raziel is the angel of spiritual
Secrets and mysteries. He will open the doors of
Opportunity for you. Ask him to help you to experience
Flashes of insight which are referred to as
"Light of the gods" and May you enjoy this state
In every moment of your life.
Love and Blessing, Annette

Greetings from Annette"s Reiki

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Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a Blessed happy holiday!
May your angels bring you Joy, Peace, Love and contentment, and keep you safe. 
Many Blessings from 
Annette's Reiki

Angel Message for October

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I am Archangel Uriel and I help with transformation and clear thinking.

I am called "fire of God." or "Light of God"

Here is my message for you:

What kind of magic would you like to create in your life? Are you undecided?
This is a magical time of year where Nature is transforming into her beautiful fall colors. 
Colors and sound both radiate energy and can have a significant effect on a persons well being. Taking a walk or camping in nature can heal in many ways, including physical, emotional, psychological and general well being. It can also boost your serotonin levels which can actually make you happy! 
Nature also helps to quiet the mind so you can hear your angels speaking to you.

When you were born your soul had a burning passion to learn, improve, and grow. As many people grow older they develop indecision, which blocks the souls passion. Once you know clearly what you really want in life and bring back your souls burning passion, the universe will immediately support your decision.

Your angels will send you guidance, and doors will open for you like magic. The magic is that you set your mind to accomplish something with no doubt, and this strong passionate intention sets you on your magical journey.

May you be blessed with passion on you special journey with Archangel Uriel.
Many blessings, Annette

2014 This is the Year to Recreate Your Life

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2014 is quickly approaching. 
What would you like to Recreate in Your life?
This is the year to do it! Take Action!

Start small. Remember:
"Little Spark make-um big fire."
Big fire burns out fast.
Slow and steady is the way to go.
Here are some ideas:

We have the ability to Recreate our body weight and health. One way is to  become the boss over cravings. Start out small, just one step first. Throw away that candy! Stand tall! You are the boss of what goes into your body! Take control!

We can Recreate our attitude by refusing to Judge ourselves and others. Be kind to all.

We can Recreate our environment by clearing our desks or the entire house of things that get in our way.
Make changes that you can stick with.

Change Careers: take that course that you always wanted to do, to empower yourself to move ahead.

Abusive Relationship?  Get counseling or move on. Relationships are meant to improve the quality of each others lives. To be loving to each other. 

Make a decision of what you want to Recreate in your life and stick with it. You will be blessed.

Dream your future!

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Let you dreams run wild, for dreams have no limits. Dream of all the wonderful possibilities in your future. 
No matter what your age, you can create changes in your life. You can grow. 
Let you dreams bring you to a place where you can manifest your desires. 
Visualizing your desires conjures creative ideas on how to achieve them. Never stop dreaming. 
Warning: They may come true.

What are your Expectations

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Expect great things and they will come to you. 
Believe that your desire is on the verge of manifestation. 
When you have great expectations and 
believe in yourself, good things will begin to 
flow easily into your life.

Angel wisdom June 2013

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God has assigned our Guardian Angels to care for us with pure love.
Our worldly relationships may fall apart but our Guardian Angels will always be there for us.
When we have faith in our Guardian Angels, we begin to notice our strengths.
We have more courage to pursue what God has planned for our lives.
Instead of living with repressed dreams and putting off our God given desires
we begin to blossom into the the person we were meant to be.
When you feel blocked in your personal life, ask your Guardian Angels to
assist you, light a white candle, quiet your mind, and listen for their reply.
God bless you,